Fettuccia Reel

Dimensions: Reel: 11" x 7"; Plaque: 7" x 6"

Reel: $150 plus shipping 

    Plaques: $45 plus shipping

Fettucia Reel + Fet. Plaque Set: $190 plus shipping

*to pay by check or money order please follow instructions HERE

Fettuccia Reel

Fettuccia Plaque Set

Fettuccia Reel + Plaque Set

Current Availability:
Reel: 12 available for 2018. Plaque set: available.

The Fettuccia is designed to be durable, light, and easy to use. Additionally, it had to meet Shades Of Oak standards of quality and esthetics. The reel is made of high-grade Baltic Birch hardwood plywood; non-wooden parts are kept to a minimum and hidden. These parts include a bolt that holds the reel to the base and a thin black washer of high grade, ultra-polished plastic to ensure smooth turning of the reel. All material is sold unfinished and without the ribbon. The reels are spaced to hold a 1 grosgrain ribbon.

Special order reels to accommodate other size ribbons can be made for an additional fee of $10.

The plaques and pointers are optional and sold as a set. The set includes four plaques with a base for each, four large pointers and one small pointer


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